At Home With Grady

IMG_1052“You’ve set my soul to dreaming
You’ve given back my joy in life
And filled me with new meaning

A savior king was born that day
A baby just like you
And as the wise men came with gifts
I’ve come with my gift too

That peace on earth fills up your time
That brotherhood surrounds you
That you may know the warmth of love
And wrap it all around you”

IMG_1030.jpgI walked into a 107 year old home to photograph this new family of three and immediately felt welcome. Jason was serving his bride breakfast and Grady was resting on the couch. Sarah continued to amaze me with how well she was moving and mothering after a cesarean and little to no sleep.

I’m sure Christmas has always meant a lot to the Bolens, but this year is going to be extra special. For this sweet, little man has just been welcomed into their family, and their lives have been forever changed.IMG_1044.jpgIMG_1068.jpgIMG_1070.jpgIMG_1079.jpgIMG_1108.jpgIMG_1118.jpgIMG_1128.jpgIMG_1151.jpgIMG_1179.jpgIMG_1236.jpgIMG_1246.jpgIMG_1252IMG_1262.jpgIMG_1276.jpgIMG_1323.jpgIMG_1278.jpgIMG_1331.jpgIMG_1341.jpg