What to Expect

A documentary family photography session is, most likely, nothing like any photo session you’ve had before, so it’s difficult to know exactly what to expect before you book.

Unposed, unscripted, real, honest accounts of family aren’t something that we’re being fed each day on social media. Being vulnerable is scary. The idea of having someone in your house photographing your everyday life is nearly unheard of. Here’s what you can expect when you book a session with me:

  1. The initial booking process-https://laurenwebsterphotography.as.me/ when you book, you will answer some questions about your family and your thoughts about a session, choose a date and time, and submit your deposit.
  2. You can expect me to reach out 1-2 weeks before our scheduled session just to go over any questions or concerns you may have. Feeling nervous is normal, but I want to make sure each member of your family is prepared to have me documenting your lives.
  3. The session. I’ll come in, say hi, talk to the kids and let them warm up to me, then just start making photographs of your life as you live it. There’s no need to ask your kids to look at me. There’s no need to worry about tantrums. You just go on living your life and I take pictures while you do it! It’s easy! I’m not the kind of photographer who can stay completely quiet the entire session, so I will probably have a few conversations during our time together. My clients become quick friends. Here’s what some other clients have said about the experience:

I honestly forgot she was there 🤷🏼‍♀️

Felt like we’ve known her for years! 

Honestly, Lauren made the session feel so relaxed and comfortable. I remember in the first five minutes having to fight the urge to hold still and pose. Haha. She does such and amazing job.

Your investment includes a digital gallery of 30-40 images per hour of service.

Example Pixiset gallery

You are able to purchase prints directly from your digital gallery! The website will walk you through step by step instructions for doing so. If you would like assistance, I am always a phone call, text, or email away!

I can put together an album for you as an add on to your session. Creating an album from your session can be time consuming and frustrating and a task that most clients would rather leave to me. I would be more that happy to provide you with this service.

You can add an album on when you book, or I can add it on after you view your gallery! Either way, taking the task off your hands is my pleasure.

Session add-ons-The album is the first choice!

This is what other people are saying about their documentary session experience!

How with each time lauren takes photos of our family I fall more and more in love with her work. 

That I didn’t feel like I had to take this cookie cutter photograph and I could relax and not have to be posed.

The time and attention to detail Lauren gave our family was amazing. I love how much she loved hearing our story and wanted to bring it to life through photographs. She is so detailed in the process. She really is an amazing photographer.

It’s easy to be real. 

I would tell them to jump right in. Don’t worry about what you are wearing or how your hair looks. Don’t even worry about if Lauren is there. Live your life and let her capture those moments.

Many people don’t like having their picture taken, but these are memories that you and your family will have forever. Allow her to come into your home and document your day to day life.. you won’t regret it. 

Do it! It is worth every penny! You will never regret booking a documentary session with Lauren. The moments she captures in photographs will be precious memories you will always treasure. I know it isn’t your typical photography session, but I honestly love these photographs more than any other family photographs we have had taken.