A Trip To The Zoo

IMG_5205.jpgThere is something about a family booking multiple sessions a year that opens them up to the documentary approach much faster than someone who just reads all of my ramblings about why it’s important.  I started photographing this family a couple months before they welcomed their second little guy. Liam, the first, had just turned one. They opted for a lifestyle session but humored me with some documentary shots after of their bedtime routine. From their session, the hybrid sessions were born. It was the perfect way to ease families into this approach.

When Sarah asked me to meet them at the zoo for Aidin’s 3-month session, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I couldn’t contain my excitement. The feeling of someone completely trusting me to document their day to day life makes me feel like I’ve made it. Like all of the work I’ve put into educating people about what documentary family photography is has paid off. “Yes! I’ll meet you at the zoo!!”

Seeing Liam’s face light up as he experienced some things for the first time was absolutely magical. These are the moments during each session where I stop, become entirely aware of my surroundings and what I am doing, and thank God for the opportunity to document life this way. I always love my time with this family, and yesterday was extra special.