Amos and Jo


A 114 year old house, a two year old in pigtails, and a newborn baby boy was all I needed to bring myself out of a rut yesterday. This family was a dream. This is everything I ever want to do as a photographer and more. Jo’s voice and little run gave me life and the way she loved on her brother made me think of my own babies.

As with any session I shoot, I sent out a family questionnaire. I always learn so much about each family I work with this way. The answers to this family’s questionnaire took my breath away, though. This is what Lauren had to say about their newest addition:

We didn’t name Amos for almost three days because we just couldn’t settle on anything. Finally, my husband and I talked about who we wanted our children to be and what we wanted to pass on to them. In the Bible the book of Amos is all about social justice and standing up for the oppressed. Elliott and I have struggled with what to do during these really scary and heartbreaking times. We have discovered that all we can do is dedicate ourselves, our time, and our money to standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. We wanted to dedicate baby Amos to this notion as well. Elliott and I used to jokingly ask each other if we would rather our children be smart or kind. There is no debate now, we both agree that kindness and love towards all people is the greatest thing you can give to the world and that if our children learn just one thing from us it be that.