And Then There Were Three

There are moments in our lives that change us. A single second can change the entire course of your life. A single decision, word, result, question, or action can be a catalyst for change. Relationships start,  marriage happens, and lives are built based on mere seconds in time.

Some of those moments are lessons. We learn from them and keep going. Some of them change our names. We go from”girlfriend” to “fiance,” “Ms.” to “Mrs.,” and “party of two” to “party of three” in an instant. The best part about the moments that make up our lives is that we need them all, the good and the bad, to make us the people we are today. Each second of your life is important.

Brandon and Susan have experienced many of these life changing moments in the past few months. A positive pregnancy test, the first time they saw their baby, the first time they heard their baby’s heart beat, the moments they told each member of their family, and now, the moment that they shout their news from the rooftop, they are going to be parents!

We cannot wait to welcome this little peanut into the family this spring!