Hayrides and Apple Trees

Fall is in the air, and if you’re from the East Coast it seemed to hit us all at once. One day it was hot and sunny and the next day it was fall. It’s rained nearly every day of the season so far, except this day. This day was a dream. It was the kind of fall day that’s warm enough for shorts, but the leaves are changing and it smells like apple cider and pumpkin spice. If every fall day could be like that, I wouldn’t be mad about it.

I’ve known Autumn since we were babies. We grew up at church together, and we had some of the same friends in college. Now, our kids are about the same age and we share stories about the trials and tribulations of raising strong willed three year olds.

Apple picking has become a family tradition for this family, and with the addition of a new little girl to the group, Autumn decided that now would be the perfect time to have this story told. I can only imagine how different each apple picking experience has looked for them. Next year, the baby will probably be walking. She’ll  be picking and eating apples of her own. Last year, it was just Olivia. Our lives change so quickly. Having these photos and stories to tell are such a beautiful reminder of the memories made.