A Christmas Tradition

I love the sense of nostalgia that surrounds any session during the holidays. I love the emotions and stories that come up when we’re reminded of the past. I love how picking out a Christmas tree is a task that doesn’t change much from year to year, but can be so different at the same time. For years before their daughter was born, this family has gone to choose a tree together. The experience is a little different now that they have a child in tow. I love that years from now, when Chloe is grown with children of her own, her experience getting a Christmas tree will look much like this, and, hopefully, she’ll be reminded of all the great stories that surrounds such an event. I hope that she remembers that her mom takes a selfie every year while her dad cuts the tree. I hope the smell of the trees and the chill on her fingers brings up memories and emotions that she can pass down to her own children.  IMG_2728IMG_2120IMG_2136IMG_2138IMG_2151IMG_2160