Putting Down Roots

I’ve known this family for years. In fact, I knew Chris before their family unit even started forming.  They’ve grown and changed over the years and out of some trials that were thrown their way, they’ve moved around and traveled a lot, and Godric has been in 6 child care situations since his birth.

This session was important to them for many reasons, but the biggest one is that after years of moving they finally feel like they’re home. They feel like now that they’re in their dream house, they can finally put roots down and grow together.  It had been a while since they’d had their family photographed, so Jessica reached out to me about documenting a typical day for them in their new home, and it was important for me to make the drive to make these photos for them.

I loved every single minute of our time together. I truly feel like it is an honor any time someone opens up their home to me and lets their guard down to have their life and love documented in an authentic way. These are the moments your kids are going to remember when they’re grown. These are the stories they’ll tell their children. IMG_3319.jpgIMG_3202IMG_3211IMG_3229IMG_3235IMG_3247IMG_3263IMG_3278IMG_3282IMG_3309IMG_3336IMG_3344IMG_3361IMG_3372IMG_3378IMG_3385IMG_3387IMG_3389IMG_3393IMG_3402IMG_3411IMG_3429IMG_3467IMG_3478IMG_3490IMG_3532IMG_3546IMG_3566IMG_3581IMG_3604IMG_3625IMG_3646IMG_3667IMG_3698IMG_3710IMG_3719IMG_3744IMG_3748IMG_3753IMG_3763IMG_3810IMG_3821IMG_3830IMG_3848