Best Friends and Blueberries

I document to preserve memories. I document because photos are a lifeline to our past. I document because family traditions are important. I document so we remember the little moments just as much as we remember the big ones.

I’ve been joining families at Blueberry Ridge Farm for three years now. I’ve seen families start new traditions and I’ve seen some continue ones they’ve started years ago. For this particular family, this is something they’ve been doing together for a few years. Some of their friends joined them on the farm yesterday to continue a tradition they started last year.

It was a hot morning. We arrived as early as possible and the temps had already reached the lower 80s. Kids were running around everywhere. Each one of them had their fair share of taste tests, and a couple of them had a tantrum or two. It took three times as long to fill a bucket of blueberries as it did pre-children, and I’m sure each of the parents questioned their decision to bring children to the farm once or twice, but they had. so. much. fun!

I always love the family feel at Blueberry Ridge and how much they love what they do. They’re up early and stay out late to insure that each customer leaves with just as many good memories as the berries that fill their buckets. From a documentarian standpoint, I get excited thinking about all of the stories that are made there.