Covid Morning In The Life- Cell Phone Edition

I’ve been working through trying to stay busy and document this time at home with the kids as much as possible, because it’s a very interesting time in the history of the world AND because I know there will, most likely, never be another time that I will get so much time with them. Piper starts Kindergarten next year and Parker will be in the 3 year old class at the nursery school.

When Parker came into my room before the sun was up this morning, I decided to document our morning on my cell phone since that was all I had on me. I wanted a creative challenge and something to keep my mind off the heaviness of our lives at the moment. I loved being able to use my phone, because it was freeing and different and challenging. It’s almost like creating images on an instant camera for me, where no matter how the image looks, I’m still excited. I love the imperfections and graininess that comes from quality in these and now I have these moments captured forever.