Childhood Summer Preserved

I used to get laughed at, and sometimes still do, any time I explain what I do to someone new. Images from your every day life just don’t seem important…until they do. You don’t think you need these memories preserved until you’re sitting in a house full of high school graduates at a graduation party the summer before your kid moves to college. You think it sounds funny until days with bubbles and bike rides don’t happen anymore. It seems unneeded until photos are all that’s left.

I met Abbey when I got my first Kindergarten classroom about 8 years ago. When she and her husband started a family, we talked a few times about session ideas. I photographed their baby announcement for the twins and a lifestyle session for their extended family Christmas cards, but this time we got to simply document an evening in their lives. Being a twin myself, I have ALWAYS wanted the opportunity to photograph a family with twins. Last night did not disappoint.