Baby Call

I love documenting. I get excited to tell the stories of family every single time I’m hired. I’m just as happy shooting now as I was when I started taking documentary clients 5 years ago. There’s so much about real life that just speaks to the mother in me. Documenting newborn days at home will always be some of my favorite stories to tell. I can remember bringing Piper home and feeling like I was sick and uncomfortable and tired and wondered how on Earth I was going to put real pants on, straighten my hair, and look a little less green for our photographer to come over. I felt anxious about Piper taking up time nursing at our sessions and was honestly on the verge of tears the whole time. Our photographer was incredible and made some really lovely photos of our newest addition, but I can remember screaming on the inside the whole time.

It was then that I set out on a mission to document the real moments of bringing home a new baby even if those real moments means a baby is cluster feeding and wants to nurse the entire session. Even if those real moments means their sibling wants to wear a costume for goodness sake. Even if things don’t go as “planned” because, let’s be real, things rarely ever do when you’re dealing with a days old baby.

I feel confident about what I offer my clients because I know that, even in the chaos, these are days you can’t get back-whether it’s a newborn session or a session with teenagers. These are days worth recording.