Since her birth in July of 1931, Patty has made her mark on the world in many ways, but to her family and those closest to her, they know her best by her work at the Holy Trinity Chapel. She is a trailblazing Pentecostal pastor and lives a life of service to the church and her family.

Unfortunately, because of COVID, it has been a long time since she’s seen her siblings. The main purpose of putting together a luncheon for her birthday was so that she could see her brothers and sister.

When I arrived at the church to document her celebration Patty told me she was shaking with anticipation. She couldn’t wait to hug her brother, Frank, who she hadn’t seen for three years. I took her portrait while she awaited his arrival.

Seeing her get to hug her brother after so much time gave me hope that there is light at the end of the COVID tunnel. Being in their presence was delightful.