Hunting Island

I think the thing with my type of work is that you never feel like it’s necessary until you’re living in the middle of a moment and think to yourself, “I wish I had photos of this.”

My family takes a trip to the beach each year, and every time, I photograph this family and any others who will be in the area and want artifacts from their trip. I do what I always do- hang my camera on my shoulder and document kids being kids and parents being parents. And while doing so, it’s always very apparent to me that these photos will increase in value through the years- how these kids are only getting older and bigger, and, with each following year, their vacation changes ever so slightly.

It was on this trip, like many trips before, that I spent time parenting and playing and making memories with my own children that I thought to myself, “I wish I had photos of this.” – the sunscreen applying, towel wrapping, snack prepping, wagon toting that I do with and for my kids. I wish I had photos of this. And I know we all, especially mothers, feel this way from time to time. They’re little things and big things at the same time. Seemingly undeserving of a photo until the moment passes and all you want is a photo- a passport to a moment turned memory.