Princess Pirate

I’ve known Celia’s family for a few years now. I had her older sister in my first grade classroom. Celia’s mom, Stephanie, approached me about doing a photo shoot for Celia’s birthday. I let her know that my approach to photography isn’t traditional, and gave her some ideas of things we could try. I think the idea of photographing a child in their bedroom might scare some parents away, but her Stephanie went with it. We talked about the idea of letting Celia choose her own outfit and that she would lead the progression of the shoot. It would depict what it’s like to be 6 year old Celia.

When I arrived, Celia and her sister, Paige, led me to their bedrooms to show me around. Upon entering Celia’s room I could hear that she’d been listening to an oldies radio station, and I knew right then that we were going to be friends. 🙂

Her room was full of pink, and Disney princesses lined the walls. She had a Batman robe and a Ninja Turtle poster, though. She’s the perfect mix of girly girl and tomboy. Like, the kind of awesome girl that would play in the mud in a tutu, I bet.


Her outfit of choice was an old jean jacket that used to belong to her sister and a jeweled headband, but she also had quite a hat collection that she wanted to show off.


While we were hanging out, she mentioned how much she loved to play school, and I thought it was the sweetest thing, because I know that she got that from her sister. She wanted me to take some photos of her at her desk, and I obliged.

This was around the same time she leaned over and whispered, “this pen belongs to Paige. Shhh I took it.” haha


I also learned that my new friend, Celia, loves Pirates, and that’s when we became best friends.


She couldn’t get any cooler. There isn’t any way. She loves pink and purple, batman, pirates, an oldies radio station, AND she’s got the imagination of an engineer. She loves to read, and had a few books about architecture and engineering. Her mom thinks that she may be an imagineer for Disney one day. I think so too!

Finally, before I left, I did what any new friend would do; I gave the 6 year old a handful of glitter. Her dad may never invite me back, but she had a blast.

Happy birthday, Celia!!