For This Child…

They have prayed.


From her pouty baby lips and chubby cheeks to her sleepy eyes and tiny toes, Sarah and Matt have wished and prayed for this little one for quite some time.

I couldn’t wait to have my chance to snuggle her since her arrival a week ago. Today, February 14th, was her due date, so I was glad to have the chance to meet her on such a special day.

One of the things I love the most about documentary photography is capturing the little things that people find mundane at the time, but turn into distinct memories in the future. Things like a stork in the lawn, the “It’s a Girl” balloon tied to the dining room chair, and bottle parts by the sink. When I look back on my first days of mothering, those are the things I remember. I love that I can capture those little things for other people.

Her room is soft pink and mint, and her monogram adorns the wall.

She slept for most of our visit. I’m sure Matt and Sarah aren’t too thrilled about the fact that she seems to have her days and nights confused, but I was happy to have the chance to be able to take in all of her sweetness while she got her beauty sleep.


Nothing makes me happier than watching two of my best friends become parents. I know that the road to this point was long and trying, but they had faith that God would grant them a miracle. Miss Emmalyn Jo Childers is quite a wonder.

{1 Samuel 1:27}