Sunrise Engagement Session | La Plata, Maryland


IMG_1907.jpgI met Sara in Kindergarten. She was my first friend. We did everything together throughout elementary school. Life and time have moved Sara to Maryland. I haven’t seen her since we graduated high school, but when she invited me to La Plata to meet her fiance, Jonathan, and photograph their wedding, I couldn’t turn the offer down.

Before their wedding, I wanted to meet Jonathan and see their wedding venue, so we planned an engagement shoot before we both head back to school.


I met Sara and Jonathan early this morning. Like 6:30, early, and we headed to the dock for a sunrise shoot by the water.

She was the same as I remember her; sweet and genuine. She laughs so hard she can’t finish a story, and Jonathan’s sense of humor feeds in to that.


Jonathan is one of those people who you meet and become instant friends; like you’ve known each other forever. For months now, since asking me to shoot their wedding, Sara has talked non-stop about how great he is.



Watching the two of them together this morning was something special. The love they share for each other radiates. They’re joyful and funny and playful.





Joy. Pure joy.