Day In The Life

IMG_0769I’ve spent a lot of time this year immersing myself in education and practicing photography. I am about to complete my first 365 day project, and I feel more passionate than ever about documentary photography. I was inspired by a friend of mine to complete a day in the life session today, and I am so glad I did. I’d love to start offering “Day In The Life” sessions to my clients in the new year so it was nice to be able to do the same thing for my family. I love all of the funny, messy, real moments I was able to capture today. This is what a typical Saturday looks like in my house from breakfast to bedtime, and I love every minute.IMG_0811.jpgIMG_0768.jpgIMG_0779IMG_0783.jpgIMG_0792IMG_0837.jpgIMG_0842.jpgIMG_0850.jpgIMG_0862.jpgIMG_0869.jpgIMG_0903.jpgIMG_0913.jpgIMG_0922.jpgIMG_0939.jpgIMG_0942.jpgIMG_0952IMG_0963.jpgIMG_0994.jpgIMG_0998.jpgIMG_1001.jpgIMG_0766