Goodnight Moon | An Evening In The Life Story

IMG_2566I have a hard time finding the words for how meaningful this session was to me. I grew up with Matt and met Sarah a little over 11 years ago. I’ve been through everything with this family. From Sarah and I experiencing our first WVU game as members of the Pride of WV together, staying up all night at themed parties studying, the deployment of our significant others, weddings, and now parenthood, and still, nothing is more beautiful than watching some of your best friends with their miracle baby. IMG_2512.jpgSarah mentioned the idea of having their evening photographed because it is one of her favorite things as a working mom, and my heart nearly exploded with excitement. I love evening sessions. I love seeing families cooking and enjoying a meal together. I love bath time and storytime. And any time a parent sings to their child it takes everything in me not to cry in the corner (sometimes I can’t hold it in).  IMG_2513.jpgParenting is so hard. It’s, by far, the hardest job I’ve ever had. There are moments when the end of the day seems so far away, but, inevitably, it does come, and it’s hard to let it go. Those last few hours of the day seem to end in the blink of an eye. I love that Matt and Sarah place an importance on those fleeting moments no matter how exhausted they are and take the time to enjoy these things as a family.IMG_2518.jpgIMG_2519.jpgIMG_2640.jpgIMG_2571.jpgIMG_2574IMG_2567.jpgIMG_2569.jpgIMG_2579.jpgIMG_2578.jpgIMG_2603.jpgIMG_2613.jpgIMG_2639.jpgIMG_2642.jpgIMG_2659.jpgIMG_2675.jpgIMG_2682.jpgIMG_2699.jpgIMG_2701.jpgIMG_2723.jpgIMG_2728.jpgIMG_2734.jpgIMG_2736.jpg

“At the end of the day
all we ever need is
that helped
pass the time
and something
that keeps time from passing.”
― Sanober Khan