A Very Snowy Morning In The Life

IMG_1991.jpgThere are so many things that I love about photography. One of them is the opportunity to get to know other families. We, as a population, are running a constant rat race. We’re all trying to be the first or the best at something. Sadly, I think parenthood is like that too. There’s always going to be a mom who’s better. There’s always going to be a dad who’s the best.  In a world so torn by judgment and hate, documentary photography opens our eyes to the idea that, maybe, we’re not all that different at all. Maybe we’re all just trying as hard as we can to be the best that we can be. IMG_2010.jpgMy clients open their homes and hearts to me, and that is a privilege I will never take for granted.  I believe it takes a lot for someone to be as vulnerable as a documentary client; your home and routine gets put on display, making you susceptible to judgment. But if we all just took a moment to observe and take it in, you’d see that we’re not all that different.  IMG_2021.jpgThis session fed my soul in so many ways. Watching a family connect and interact with each other is a beautiful thing, and this little guy had the most contagious smile. Finding beauty in the mundane is my life’s mission.   IMG_2035.jpgIMG_2049.jpgIMG_2057.jpgIMG_2074.jpgIMG_2082.jpgIMG_2093.jpgIMG_2103.jpgIMG_2112-2.jpgIMG_2166.jpgIMG_2123.jpgIMG_2177.jpgIMG_2183.jpgIMG_2192.jpgIMG_2220.jpgIMG_2257.jpgIMG_2357.jpgIMG_2359.jpgIMG_2399-2.jpg