Embracing The Chaos

I got an email from a local mom last month letting me know that they were looking to have a session in their current home because they’ll soon be moving into another one. They’ve been in this house for 10 years, though, and those 10 years have been filled with many, many memories and changes within their family.

Like a lot of families who initially reach out to me, this family wasn’t really familiar with family documentary photography. It’s, kind of, unheard of to have a photographer just follow you around while you live your life unless you’ve had a session like this before. She said something in her email that really stuck with me, though. She said, “I’m not looking for posed pictures. We’re all a mess and I’m ok with that.” YES!!! She gets it. I was so excited. I knew this would be an amazing session from that very first email from her.

We’re all a mess. No one is perfect. We’re all crazy busy. We all worry we’re not doing everything we should be. Raising a family is messy. Moving your family is even more of a  mess. I love that this family is embracing this stage of their lives and they realize that this is an important enough season document.

I spent the whole morning with this family of five as they made and ate breakfast, practiced piano, got ready for a busy day ahead, played outside, and cleaned out the van. I came home with a four leaf clover in my camera strap and lots of memories made with and for them. It was a beautiful, ordinary morning.IMG_9908IMG_9462IMG_9487IMG_9522IMG_9534IMG_9536IMG_9543IMG_9571IMG_9564IMG_9595IMG_9601IMG_9617IMG_9640IMG_9656IMG_9680-2IMG_9685IMG_9836IMG_9724IMG_9736IMG_9820IMG_9803IMG_9818IMG_9800IMG_9894IMG_9912IMG_9953