Blueberry Ridge


I have to say, berry picking isn’t a memory I have from my childhood. It’s not near and dear to me because I spent time as a child with my family picking our own berries. That just wasn’t something my family did together. In fact, the first time I had a blueberry of my own was after my daughter was born.

Berry picking IS special to me, though, because it is one of my favorite memories of my own daughter’s childhood. My mom and I took Piper to the Strawberry Fields  a couple of years ago and I was hooked from that moment on.

It’s hard enjoy the moment with a camera on your shoulder, though, and you can’t be in any of the photos when you’re the one taking all of them. Well…I mean you can, but you wouldn’t enjoy it.

I decided to offer berry picking sessions this summer as a way to give moms and dads the chance to be in the moment with their kids making memories instead of playing the roll of family historian, and, let me just say, I am IN LOVE! It gives families the experience of having a storytelling session AND they get to pick (and eat) berries with their family. Everyone wins!


If you’re in West Virginia, be sure to check out Blueberry Ridge Farm this season!