Love At Home

It’s been a while since I’ve done an in home session for a couple. It’s not that I don’t love it, it’s just hard for me to switch gears sometimes.

A few months ago, Chelsea of Chelsea Hellen Photography  emailed to ask if I would come for an in home session for she and her wife’s anniversary, and I jumped on the chance to meet her. Photographing another photographer is always such an honor. It’s terrifying, but it’s an honor. I’ve heard so many great things about Chelsea, and I was excited to meet her in person and tell a small portion of their story.

Chelsea and Jackie have been together since college.  It was a chance meeting, and they never looked back. Watching the two of them interact with each other was magic. They have the most incredible connection, and I love that they chose to remember just how much their life together in their first home means to them. They’re both very busy, so being able to cuddle on the couch is a meaningful event.

Taking a break from the everyday chaos of life, making the time to connect, write letters, cuddle, and laugh are what makes these sessions so fun. Life makes it hard for couples to do things like this, and I am so glad Jackie and Chelsea realize how important it is. Happy anniversary, girls!!