Ocean View Avenue


We’ve been planning this vacation for a while now. I can’t remember the last time we all spent more than a couple days together, and I haven’t been to beach with my siblings and mom since Brandon and I were seniors in high school.

Vacation with kids isn’t really much of a vacation at all. Schedules are thrown off and behaviors are magnified. I still did laundry and dishes and swept the floor free of sand an ungodly amount of times. Piper was up until midnight the first night we were there, and we spent so much money on mac n’ cheese and grilled cheese that I don’t ever want to see those two items on my kids’ plates again.

The tension from taking care of kids on vacation started wearing on us by our first full day and it’s hard to make everyone happy when you’re living with 7 adults and two kids, but we managed. Vacation is a true test of a family’s love and understanding, I’ll tell you that.

Aside from the pent up tension in the house, there were so many good moments this week. First of all, my sister got ENGAGED and her fiancé let us be a part of it. I just know that meant more to my mom than he could’ve ever imagined. She got to witness her baby say yes to the man of her dreams, and we are all so excited to welcome Nick into our dysfunctional family.

I got to watch my own babies be loved on fiercely by their aunts and uncles and their Gigi. It was so nice for them to get so much time with my siblings. It’s truly a blessing to watch them interact with each other.

We sat on the deck each morning and had dinner there most evenings. I got to ride some roller coasters with my siblings and my mom which I don’t think I’ve ever done.We laughed a lot and made new memories, and for that, I am thankful. Next time we’re flying, though…to an all inclusive resort.