Warrior Mind

About a year ago, after Parker was born, I started on this journey to self discovery. Honestly, I didn’t really know that’s what I was doing at the time, but joining a couple friends of mine at a local gym to take a class called Warrior Body seemed to be a huge catalyst in my life.  Since joining, my life has changed drastically. I’ve met, and become close with, a tribe of women who support and encourage me, both at the gym and in life. My health and fitness is a huge part of my life now, I’ve resigned from my teaching job, I own my dream business, I hosted my first gallery show, and I finally feel like I am being true to the person I was put on this Earth to be.

Micki, the owner of the gym, and I have been friends for a good while now. She knows a lot about me and my journey. It’s been so incredible and inspiring to watch her build Warrior Body into what it is today. Over the past several months, she has also started a group called “Warrior Mind” which helps the women of the gym dive deep into our stories and how they effect us.

Today, I had the complete honor and privilege of watching, and documenting, my friend and inspiration host her second Warrior Mind event. She is empowering so many women to be authentic, present, proud, and strong. I sat in awe a few times while listening to other women talk about their stories. Being in a space where women build each other up is such a powerful thing.

A lot of the times we hold onto beliefs that we picked up from our past and we struggle to release them and create new ones. We are constantly evolving, but in order to successfully evolve with strength, we have to understand that we are not who we were 5 years ago, last week, or even yesterday. WE are in control of our change, but we don’t always see that.

Hannah Jenniings, creator of Beyond Yoga, and Alex Fox, owner of Fox Den and a master Buti Yoga Instructor also came to take the attendees through two separate yoga sessions and shared their stories and their journey to how they got to where they are now.