Today, after 280 days in the hospital, Jaxon James was released from NICU and able to go home with his family! He arrived at just 24 weeks gestation and weighed 1lb 6oz at birth, but this micropremie is a fighter, and so is his family. Chelsey and Chris, Jaxon’s mom and dad, have spend almost every day in the hospital by his side. Nearly all 280 days were spent scrubbing in, walking the long hallways, and interacting with the same nurses and doctors.  I think today was a little bittersweet for that reason. There were nerves and excitement, joy and a little sadness, but being there to witness the love that surrounded this tiny, baby boy was incredible.

I’ve photographed births, fresh 48’s, and newborns at home, but I don’t know that anything will ever compare to the way it felt to be in that room today. I could’ve hugged Chelsey a million times, and it still wouldn’t have been enough. I’ve photographed parents from every walk of life. I’ve witness morning and evening routines, hugs and kisses, tears and timeouts, but this was different. 280 days in the hospital, and little Jaxon is home!!IMG_3839IMG_3857IMG_3949IMG_3961IMG_3976IMG_3982IMG_4071IMG_4116IMG_4186IMG_4284IMG_4322IMG_4396IMG_4466IMG_4488IMG_4504IMG_4511IMG_4562IMG_4594IMG_4680IMG_4686IMG_4754IMG_4768IMG_4811IMG_4861IMG_4872IMG_4887.jpgIMG_4893IMG_4899IMG_4907IMG_4909IMG_4916