The Adventure Begins

As I am writing this, Christina and Rob are probably still in the woods fishing or cooking. It’s something that they do quite a lot of. In fact, Rob proposed on a camping trip, and one of his favorite memories of her was watching her catch her first fish. I’ve known each of them my entire life for different reasons, but I didn’t know  they knew each other. When they started dating in 2015, it was one of those moments that you think to yourself “what a small world!”

They’re an adventurous couple, so taking average engagement photos just wouldn’t feel right.  Christina and Rob each mentioned camping, cooking, and fishing many time in one of our conversations about their relationship, so we wanted to make that a major part of their session.  They have plenty of camping stories in plenty of different locations, but Big Run was a place they hadn’t camped at together yet. Christina discovered it on a recent trip with her sisters and fell in love with the area. And as soon as a made the left turn on Big Run Rd. I knew why. IMG_7809IMG_7815IMG_7829-2.jpgIMG_7834IMG_7851-2.jpgIMG_7972IMG_7995IMG_7818IMG_8001IMG_8060IMG_8077IMG_8112-2.jpgIMG_8199