Pasta and Pool : A Family Love Story

The idea of meeting and documenting different families isn’t new to me. Playing the part of family historian isn’t either. I see the world a little different than most, though. I wanted a way to give local families a way to have their unique love stories captured in the month of February, so I set out on a mission to inspire people to view their lives a little differently too.

Seeing your life from an outsiders perspective, can shine a whole new light on your life. So many moments in our lives, the average everyday things, go unnoticed until we’re asked to think about them. We go about certain tasks with an end goal in mind without really thinking about how we, or out children, will remember it.

If you asked your children what some of their favorite memories are or what some of their favorite things to do as a family are, do you think you could guess their answers? You may be surprised to find that some of their favorite memories involve the mundane.

In the Martucci house, pasta making is a tradition. It’s been past down through the generations, and the kids LOVE it. They cherish the time spent with their family making pasta, and it showed. The pasta machine is older than they are, the recipe’s been memorized, and I’m sure if you gave them a few moments to recall each step, this 10 year old and 13 year old could’ve done it on their own.

I watched and photographed in awe as they mixed, kneaded, rolled, and cut the pasta for their dinner like an effortless dance. We talked about school, dance, golf, and the funny history of their pasta machine without skipping a beat in the process.

While we waited on the pasta to cook and cookies to bake, the family played a game of pool. They love to come in this room as the sun is setting to re-group as a family and laugh. As soon as I saw the sun streaming through those big windows, I could understand why this is the space they choose to gather in in the evenings. It was breathtaking! Their joy of being together and the love they shared seemed to mimic the sunlight.