One of my most recent inspirations in photography has been the element of humor, and a third birthday party is just the place to be when you need to be inspired. There was dragon fighting, a toilet water debacle, things only a three year old could say and get away with, and lots of giggles.

I love that Grayson’s mom read about my family love story sessions and immediately imagined her son’s birthday party being photographed. She truly understood the heart of my mission and reached out to me. In the short amount of time that I was around their family and friends I could see their love shine through. They’re a playful family who is able to laugh when things don’t go as planned. Aimee had toilet water all over her floor, guys! I mean, I don’t know many people that would be able to laugh at that situation. There were adults crawling on the floor acting like dragons and funny comments about the number of pieces to gifts. The house was full of laughter (and a couple of tears over cake and falling in toilet water) the whole time I was there. This is what love looks like for Grayson’s family, and I was so glad to witness it.