Gianna | Fresh 48

I’ve never met a more calm, laid back mom., especially one who was in labor. She was emailing and texting me all day yesterday while in labor. I honestly didn’t even believe that Gianna would arrive last night, because of how often her mama was in contact with me. My labor with Piper was so far from that, I just couldn’t believe it. At about 9:30 last night I got my first peek at this little princess when Rachel sent me a photo to tell me that she was here, and I was in awe of her beauty.

I couldn’t make it to the hospital quick enough this morning to meet her and her family for the first time. I knew I’d get to witness her big brother meeting her, and I knew I’d be emotional about it. I was so anxious to tell this story.

As soon as I walked in the room I was greeted with so many welcoming faces, some laughter, and a sleeping baby. She slept the entire time. She slept while they examined her, she slept when her brother came into the room, and she slept while she was passed around. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet face and newborn noises. I couldn’t believe how great her parents were, and her brother stole the show with his super hero mask and cape. He sure does love his mom, and that made my boy mama heart burst.

If you’ve ever wondered what a “Fresh 48” session looks like, Gianna is here to show you how it’s done. 🙂