The Birth Of Oliver


Brought to England by the Normans, the name Oliver has origins in the French name Olivier and dates back to the time of Charlemagne. Oliver has peaceful associations, thought to be derived from the Latin olivarius meaning “olive tree”. 

I arrived to a dimly lit hospital room that was calm and quiet. Talia was taking short naps between bouts of nausea and contractions and the rest of the family was watching her with excitement. I found myself watching the scene in awe of it’s peacefulness and being reminded of the meaning of their baby’s name.

He was born just three hours after my arrival into the arms of a mother who pushed for 6 minutes while hardly making a sound. There were happy tears shed, some wipers from Oliver, and some chatter amongst the team, but for the most part, the room remained incredibly peaceful.

The strength of a woman will never cease to amaze me. The way Talia’s family and friends gathered around her to support her laboring mind and body was beautiful, and I never leave a birth space feeling anything less than incredibly blessed by the stories I get to tell. Yesterday was peaceful and beautiful and love filled and perfect. Welcome to the world, Oliver Justin.