Backyard Nuptial

Ten years. That’s how long Hayley and Brock have been together. In fact, it was ten years ago, to the day, that they made the decision to be together, and they haven’t looked back. Since 2009 they’ve graduated college together, went to med school together, moved to Chicago together, and then moved to two different states for their individual fellowship placements. Stella, their dog, has been a major part of their story too. When I was getting to know the two of them, her name came up quite a lot.

You learn a lot about each other after ten years and a few moves around the country. You learn about your partner’s likes and dislikes. You learn about communication and the work it takes to make a relationship work. Being able to celebrate the work you’ve put in with your closest friends and family is a gift. Being able to celebrate in your parents’ back yard is a dream.

I’d say that a ten year relationship and a five year engagement has given Brock and Hayley the perfect amount of time to decide what is important and what isn’t about a traditional wedding ceremony and reception. If you take the time to really think about your wedding day and the years to follow, nothing…NOTHING matters as much as the commitment you are making to each other. No dress or color or perfectly placed cake will ever be as important as your marriage.

It was an absolute pleasure to be in this ceremony and reception space yesterday. I talk about weddings all the time and the pomp and circumstance that goes in to them. I wish I would’ve taken the time to talk to couples who had been married 10, 20, or 50 years before my wedding to ask them what was important about their wedding day. Chances are I wouldn’t have been so stressed about choosing the perfect color palette or centerpieces if I had. Hayley and Brock get it, though. It’s a direct reflection of the hard work that they’ve put in to their relationship over the past ten years. A low key, intimate celebration was the perfect way to celebrate the next stage of their lives together.