Marriage Garden

We started a garden at my house today. We built a raised bed and filled it with plants. At this point , it’s a little over-filled, actually. I’ve never been great with plants. Too little water, too much water, not the right amount of sunlight, not the right kind of soil, you name it. I just never really got the science down. It’s always been something that everyone just laughed at. Chad actually gave me the title “hospice worker for plants.”

Turns out, marriage is a lot like that too. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever led our marriage anywhere close to it’s demise, but I do struggle to get the science down. Too much time away from each other, too much time with each other, not enough communication, saying things the wrong way, you name it. Marriage is hard work. It takes cultivation and the same intentional care that it takes to reap the rewards from your garden.

When Katie asked me to document their second anniversary at the greenhouse and planting in their garden, I immediately replied. I’ve been photographing them for about three years now, and the level of importance they place on having these images never cease to amaze me. Spending time in the garden is important to her too, and I loved watching how much care Jesse put in to something that means so much to his wife. I always learn so much being in their presence. Yesterday was no different.