The DeMents

I’ve known Christina and Rob nearly my entire life, and with extracurricular activities and church they were each a pretty big part of my childhood, so when they asked me to photograph their wedding, I just couldn’t say no. I don’t photograph a wedding for just anyone, ya know?

On Saturday, October 5th, after over a year of planning, Christina took Rob’s last name on a small patch of land in the middle of the woods known as Blue Moon Rising where the trees touch the sky and the sunlight filters through them to dance on the ground. Their families spent the day telling stories, their laughter echoed through the forrest, and Rob joined Christina’s hands and called her his wife.

Being with a couple long enough on their wedding day to watch the anticipation build hours before their vows and witness their final kiss as the last song plays at their reception is something special. With these two, it meant more. I was not only an observer, a documentarian, I was a friend.