Jack’s parents have been waiting anxiously for his arrival for the past week. We checked in with each other a few times while we waited and I could tell his mom was just ready to see his sweet face. She was overdue, probably uncomfortable, and excited to hold him in her arms. After a quick labor and delivery a week after his due date she was finally able to put a face to the name and the moment they’d been waiting for was finally here.

Every time I walk the halls of this hospital to meet and document a new baby I can’t help feeling incredibly grateful. After nearly five years in business, this still feels like the greatest job in the world. I can’t believe that people choose me to document these moments, but I am so blessed that they do.

My time with this family was perfect. I got to listen to Jack’s cute , little newborn sounds and hear the stories from his first night with the family. We laughed a lot and talked about the highs and lows of childbirth and those first nights together.

Here’s to hoping Jack gets his sleep schedule figured out and his sweet parents get some rest!