The Story of a Brozik Christmas

I walked into this lamp-lit home well after sunset last night to the sound of Christmas music playing. It was warm and welcoming and felt like Christmas. You know that cozy feeling where things smell like pine and sweet treats, everything is warm, and each person feels a little more hope and joy? December is such a magical month and, for the Broziks, it seems to be a month they look forward to all year. From the ornaments they keep to the decorations on the wall, their house was full of the Christmas Spirit. I felt the way I used to feel as a kid when I was in their space.

I spent some time learning about what’s happened each year leading up to Christmas-Andy actually burns these important moments into a slice of each year’s tree, laughed along as they put their train track together, and tried to start a gingerbread competition. I took a bit of their Christmas spirit with me when I left.