More Than a Highlight Reel

I had the pleasure of having my story told by Sure Shot Studios recently, and the results far exceeded my expectations. I love the way this video showcases my passion for documenting the way that I’ve always wanted it shown.

Our lives are so much more than the pretty, perfect photos we share on social media, and as different as my work is from what we’re used to seeing, I will never stop trying to help people feel less alone by sharing it.

For me, documenting is just as important as it was for our parents to shoot rolls of film of our childhoods without fear of judgement from people on the internet. I don’t do what I do for anyone to prove how well off they are to their Facebook friends. I do it so you’ll have a box of photos that your children can pull out in 20 years and sit around reminiscing about their lives at home. It’s as simple as that.