Baby’s First Christmas

Sawyer Marie joined her family a few weeks before expected, spent some time in NICU, and made it home in time to celebrate her first Christmas with her family. I was going to document her first few hours in the hospital, but she had other plans, so we decided to save our session for home.

I walked into their home yesterday and immediately felt like I was hanging out with old friends. Sawyer was asleep on her daddy and the cat and dog were the first to greet me. For the first time in days, the sun was out and streaming through the windows. There was an overwhelming sense, for this session at least, that everything worked out exactly like it was supposed to. We missed the opportunity to shoot at the hospital, but I think this was even better!

It was a laid back, simple evening at home, and, for the most part, everyone just went on living and loving on this sweet, baby girl like I wasn’t even there.