Sunday Tradition

Over the course of my time in business, I have had countless conversations with individuals about what I do. Usually when I say I am a documentary family photographer, there are some questioning looks followed by a request for an explanation. When I explain it to people, nine times out of ten, they giggle. The idea of having a photographer document your everyday life, especially any part of life that happens in public, is pretty abnormal. Sometimes, though, people are interested. They think of all of the moments in their lives that they’d love to have documented.

I’ve known this family since before there were children…since before Marc and Stephanie were even married. After their oldest was born, Stephanie became one of the people who was genuinely interested in the idea of documenting their lives as a young, growing family. Over the last year or so, Stephanie and I have had a conversation or two about their Sunday trips to McDonalds after church. We both agreed that this tradition was something worth documenting. When her family booked their Year In The Life subscription, we knew that a trip to McDonalds would have to be planned.

I couldn’t help but think of how this tradition will change over the course of their time with the kids at home. One day Alina won’t have to have her food cut up for her. She’ll be sitting in the booth next to her brother feeding herself the same way he does. One day the kids won’t be interested in Happy Meals anymore, and the idea of having that small toy after lunch just won’t seem as tempting. There may even come a time when their taste will have them choosing a more sophisticated place to dine. But for now, Sundays at McDonalds are part of this family’s story, and I am so glad Stephanie understands the importance of documenting it.