Yiayia’s House

I met Lois (Yiayia) back in my student teaching days. She was always such a big influence in my life and my time as a teacher. I lovingly refer to her as my work mom because she truly treats me like one of her own, and I feel the same way about her.

Stephanie, Lois’ daughter found me from hundreds of miles away not knowing who I was. The stars aligned, and we both realized who the other was. I cannot tell you hw happy I was when I found out.

I photograph a lot of sessions that remind me of my purpose. There are many times I leave a job feeling fulfilled, but today was more than that. I got to photograph a grandmother and her grandson who don’t get to see each other often. I got to document memories for this sweet boy to pass down to his children. I got to see my beautiful “work mom” in her best role yet. I needed this day.