Something to Pass On

That phrase is what keeps me going. It’s what gives me purpose and drives my business.Traditions and stories-they’re our legacy. I work so hard to make sure that the families I work with have something to pass on.

I didn’t grow up working in a hay field. It’s part of my family’s history, just not my own. However, when Stephanie reached out to me about this session, I felt an immediate sense of responsibility. I wanted to help them record these memories, because their story in the hay field is directly tied to my purpose as a photographer.

“Being in the hay is something that not everyone does. My dad brags that he has three daughters who work better than any boy in the hay he’s ever seen. He is very proud of that. Most people don’t believe him but I think he finds great pleasure in the fact that we all help. His pride for this farm is what keeps us together, and I think that pride is something he wants to maintain and pass on.”

This session left a mark on me. It reminded me that what I do matters. It’s important and it’s necessary. These photos will be viewed by future generations the same way these girls look at photos of their great grandfather in the same field, and they’ll hear stories and know where they came from.