Stuck With You- Artifact Motherhood

Piper’s Pre-K graduation looked a lot different than I imagined it would the day she walked in to her classroom at the beginning of the year. I ordered a cap from Amazon and she wore it for a couple photos. Her teachers showed up on our back porch with a large envelope full of her things wearing masks. We all resisted the urge to hug each other while we reminisced over the past two years.

Parker’s preparation for school has been a lot different too. Much like his last few weeks of speech therapy, he’ll meet his pre-k 3 class behind the safety of a computer screen at home. It all breaks my heart a little. Piper has been looking forward to going to kindergarten since she was old enough to understand what school was; my social butterfly. We ordered some Kindergarten materials, set up a daily schedule, and organized our books today. It was weird, but I’m trying to find the silver linings in all of this.

I get more time with my kids- time that I can never get back. Piper lost two teeth, Parker is talking more than I ever imagined he would, we’ve baked lots of cookies, started a responsibility chart that actually works, completely a lot of home projects, taken lots of walks, gone fishing, dances, sang, watched a few too many movies, and spent countless hours cuddled together for what’s felt like an extended stay at an overnight camp.

But looking back at this summer and ahead to the foreseeable future, I am thankful. That’s not to say that I don’t get annoyed and frustrated at the way things are going, I just know I’ll be happy for this summer when they’re no longer stuck with me.

This is part of ARTIFACT MOTHERHOOD – a project shared with other female artists who are documenting our journeys as mothers and creating memories for our children through our photographs and words. Go next to the wonderful artist Paige to read her post in our blog circle.