The Hellers

A new state, new home, new school, new baby, and a first day of Kindergarten. I went to see this family for lots of reasons, but mostly, I just wanted to hug their mom. I’ve known Rachel for years- about 12 or 13, I believe. We went to school together and taught together after we each graduated. Then, a few years later, we both welcomed daughters within a week of each other. And two years later, boys within months of each other. We became friends who are deeply connected by many things, and I grew to love she and her family like family of my own.

Last year, she broke the news to our group of friends that she’d be moving to Tennessee, and I felt like she took part of me with her when she left. When she asked me to come down and document the morning of her daughter’s first day of Kindergarten, I couldn’t say no. I photographed their last evening together before they each started their new routines at a new school and the next morning before Cate started Kindergarten. I don’t I’ve ever had so much uninterrupted time with each child before this trip. It was so nice to get to know each of them without my own kids stealing their attention away.