On The Other Side- Part Five

2021 was a year of reflection for me-both literally and figuratively. I found myself after trauma and loss. I’ve taken control of my mental health and started focusing on my own needs as much as I focus on the needs of the people around me. I took inventory of the things that I have in my life that no longer serve mine or my family’s mental or physical well-being and started to replenish the things that do.

I started setting boundaries.

I started writing more.

I started listening more.

I started praying more.

We booked a vacation with friends.

We spent time with our family.

I had my hair cut and got a new tattoo.

I worked out and went on walks.

I started learning how to spend time in my own company.

I lost a part of myself that I’ll never get back, and there are answers that will never be found, but all of that has forced me to grow in faith and hope, and I can only hope that part 6 of this blog shows me even closer to being the woman I’m meant to be.