The Adoption of Sara Ruby

I’ve been with families in birthing rooms while they bring their child Earthside. I’ve joined couples on their wedding day to witness the joining of two families. I’ve stood with a family in the airport as they waited to welcome their solider home from overseas. I’ve fallen in love time and time again with the families I get to work with on a daily basis, but nothing prepared me for the adoption of Sara Ruby.

I met this tiny body with a larger than life personality outside of the courthouse on a cold, but brilliantly beautiful, fall day- November 22, 2021- the day she’d officially become the daughter of Emily and Ryan. She was holding her dad’s hand, and met me with the biggest smile I’d ever seen. Her eyes lit up above her mask. “This is dad,” she said, and he wrapped his arms around her. I knew right then that this session was a gift. I felt overwhelmingly grateful to be there.

Ruby ran around the courtroom greeting everyone before the hearing began. She seemed to realize the impact of the day on each of the lives that were chosen to witness it. Her pink tulle and sequin dress was the perfect ensemble for such a bright day in an otherwise dark and monochrome courtroom. She was, most certainly, the center of attention.

Tears of immeasurable joy were shed by everyone in the courtroom the minute her adoption was final, and Ruby literally jumped in triumph. For that day, she truly found rest in a family that will always be hers.