Preserving Memories

Matt was one of the first people I met in Chad’s circle of friends. I had to have his approval before Chad would start dating me. I remember, vividly, walking into their apartment and seeing Matt with a gun on his lap. “What are your intentions with Chad,” he asked.



To this day, I am working for his approval. I’ve spent my life loving the art of photography, but it wasn’t until last summer that I heard through the grapevine that Matt liked my work. He suggested that I go pro and start a business. He still claims ownership of the whole idea and says the images are all part of his creative genius.


So, as any part business owner would do, he asked to have some photos taken for his family.

In all seriousness, though, the reason for the photos was to capture this time in their family’s life. Matt and Amanda don’t want the time to pass by without having their memories photographed. Amanda said;

My dad passed away when Paige was 3 months old, and we only have a handful of pictures of them together. I don’t want let this time pass and not have the memories. When I look at pictures with my dad, my favorite ones are not the ones where we were in a studio, posed, but the ones where we were just playing or having fun.

I was so excited to hear that they wanted laid back images of their daughter, Paige, interacting with her family.



I absolutely adore images that show different generations hands. Nearly everything we do involves our hands. Our wedding bands are worn on our hands, we hold our babies with our hands. They wipe tears and hold other’s hands. They can tell a story on their own.