The House That Build Cam


For four years, since the day he was born, this is the place he’s called home. He was brought here from the hospital, and this is where he woke on his first day of pre-k. This is where he, and his mom and dad, spent countless sleepless nights. He learned to walk on these floors. He’s played in this yard and this living room and this bedroom his entire life. But four walls don’t define a person, and a house isn’t a home without family.

Soon they’ll be on their way to a new town, in a new home, with new memories. Sometimes life has a way of making us happy and sad all at once. This is a great opportunity for Cam’s family. An opportunity to grow and make new memories. It’s a happy and exciting time for them. But it’s a little sad too. It’s hard to say goodbye. It’s hard to leave a home that’s such a big part of a family’s story.

Cam’s mom, my very good friend, invited me over to tell the story of his first home. Cam never stopped moving, and I was worried about how this would affect my images, but truth  be told, I love them. They’re perfect. They tell the story of a four year old and his house exactly the way I’d want it told.






Best of luck in your new adventure, my friend.