Strawberry Fields

I love spontaneity. I love Saturdays. I love little road trips. I love my mama. I love Piper. And WE love strawberries.


All it took was a Facebook notification of an event at Tripple B Farms today, and our plans were made for the day. We were free, and mom didn’t have any other plans either. I am SO GLAD she got to come along.


After a little detour to get there and some rain, we made it just as the sun was coming out.It rained the whole way to the farm, and it rained just as we were getting on the tractor after picking, but it was clear the whole time we picked (and ate) the berries.


Mom and I picked strawberries to bring home. Piper picked strawberries to eat for lunch.

We probably should’ve paid a little extra for the amount she had, actually.