When I Wake Up

Lindsey and I became friends about four years ago when her daughter, who was almost one at the time, accidentally requested to be my facebook friend. We decided to remain friends on social media since we both had similar interests and our daughters were so close in age. We were both starting to build our photography businesses at the time, and we started talking nearly every single day.

Since then, we’ve had multiple conversations about our presence in our own family’s history. It’s difficult to be included when you’re always the one documenting, so we decided to help each other out. Lindsey came to photograph an evening for us since it’s my favorite time with my family and she asked me to photograph a morning for her.

The love they have for each other is evident in every little thing they do. The way Lindsey wakes her children, the way Mike looks at his bride, the way Paris sets the table and Brooklyn helps his siblings. Every action speaks love, and it was a beautiful thing to witness.

This is their story: